Be a Soldier of Success, not a Mercenary of Failure

They both have a different sense of duty and responsibility, but it’s not difficult to pick a clear winner.

Be the soldier. Commit to your success.

Who’s right? Who’s wrong? The truth is, it doesn’t matter what side you’re on; the only thing that matters is that both of these fighters know what they’re fighting for.

What does it take to be a soldier? Honor and patriotism. Loyalty, integrity and duty. A soldier stands for something and will go to any lengths — even death — to make sure he succeeds.

Soldiers embrace success while mercenaries shy away from failure. Soldiers strive for reasons beyond success. For mercenaries, success means nothing without the money.

The difference between these two is that soldiers are willing to move through the battles, but mercenaries are willing to give up. Soldiers don’t know what giving up means because it’s not in their DNA.

“Mercenaries are disunited, undisciplined, ambitious, and faithless. Because their only motivation is monetary, they are generally not effective in battle and have low morale.” -Niccolò Machiavelli

But they have no reason to give up their lives, because the cause isn’t theirs to fight. When faced with failure, they retreat to preserve their life. The money isn’t worth it.

When your cause is set on something bigger than anything anyone can understand, the money won’t matter to you anymore. You’re driven by deep values that don’t let you see anything else except victory.

It’s when we commit and devote ourselves to something that washes away doubt. We are pulled by something we can’t explain. You can call it an internal compass that was imbued upon you.

Failures are fake internal battles disguised well by the ego as truth, designed to make you lose and think you are right in giving up.

So what will it be? Will you give up or command your forces and decimate the failure that wants to win and brag to their base on how easy of a battle it was taking you down. Will you fight? Or will you give up like the mercenary on the struggle for your cause.

The soldier has woven within him the DNA and strong attitude of a warrior that doesn’t know failure. There is no money tied to battle, therefore money isn’t a measure or an end goal. Only that of medals and unrecognized heroic deeds that never make the headlines.

Yet they get up everyday and face the challenges. That is the mindset of an individual who has clarity of purpose and cause.

The difference comes to a matter of service to a calling many don’t possess.

Put your cause on something bigger than the money. Make your fears irrelevant and break the chains of indecision and vacillation which is tied to distraction and meaningless pursuits.

When you know nothing else and are certain — nothing can stop you. A man or woman who knows what they want are driven by something bigger and can outlast almost anyone.

Because when battle ensues, you will need more than money to fuel the days of struggles.

You will need your cause.

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